D'Arlo Figurines are a range of quality
40mm white metal castings. They are produced for collectors of metal miniatures and are available to retailers to sell via Gift Shop outlets
Our first figures were Early Dark Age Saxons. This range was produced in cooperation with the Potteries Museum, Stoke on Trent and we supply the 16 figures in this range to them for sale in their Gift Shop. All these items are supplied fully assembled, 'inked' to bring out the detail, and in blister hangers or  boxes making display easier.

Saxon Archer showing the 'inked' effect in enhancing the detail
4 Figure Boxed set of Saxon Warlord, and his entourage

Saxon Standard Bearer in a blister with Potteries Museum logo

There is on course nothing to stop the new owners taking a paint brush to the figures. Much time and effort has gone into research, and therefore the castings are fully detailed and historically correct and
, as you can see they paint up very nicely....


DF06 Hornblower

DF07 Standard Bearer


DF08 Warlord


DF09 Pagan Priest

 We also now have available Richard III. We intend this figure to be the first in a series of Wars of the Roses personalities. Our Richard III is a one piece casting and so no assembly is required. He is supplied in a D'Arlo Figurines blister hanger, and can be inked or bare metal

If you are considering stocking any existing D'Arlo Figurines items, or would like to discuss future projects please contact us using the email address in the 'trade enquiries' tab in the side bar menu