The Colonel is sending his chaps to the following shows. This list is updated as the shows are confirmed:


24th Feb  Cavalier, Tonbridge

2nd Mar  Hammerhead, Newark Showground, Newark

3rd Mar  Overlord, Abingdon

9th Mar  Albanich, Dumfries

10th Mar WMMS, Alumwell, Wolverhampton

17th Mar  Skirmish, Sidcup

23rd Mar  Chillcon, Sheffield

6th Apr  Salute, London

11th May  Carronade, Falkirk

19th May  Partizan, Newark Showground, Newark

9th June  Broadside, Sittingbourne

15th June  Phalanx, St Helens

29th June Glasgow Games Gathering, Glasgow

30th June  Phoenix, Penrith

20th/21st July  Attack, Devizes

10th/11th Aug  Britcon, Manchester

18th Aug   The Other Partizan, Newark Showground, Newark

1st Sep  Hereward, Peterborough

7th Sep  Colours, Newbury

15th Sep  Skirmish, Sidcup

7th Dec  Recon, Pudsey


25th Jan  Crusade, Penarth, Cardiff