So you would like to sell some troops to the Colonel for redeployment to battles elsewhere????

Well if they are historical miniatures that's entirely possible, but it will depend upon the scale of the figures, the manufacturer, and the Condition/Painting Standard of them. Have a read through the following......

 Manufacturer and Scale

28mm unpainted: we are happy to make an offer for most of the modern manufacturers such as Wargames Foundry, Front Rank, Perry Miniatures, Artizan Designs, TAG, A & A, Gripping Beast etc.

15mm unpainted: we are happy to make offers on AB figures, Figthing 15s, Old Glory 15s, Xyston Miniatures, Corvus Belli, Battle Honors, Essex Miniatures, and Magister Militum or similar ranges

10mm Unpainted: we are happy to make offers on Pendraken, Magister Militum and Old Glory - and only if the seller can identify the figures

6mm Unpainted: All ranges considered but Baccus preferred - and also only if the seller can identify the figures

Condition/Painting Standard

 Generally we will only buy, or offer for sale via our website, figures that are painted to at least a good wargames standard. We expect these figures to be based and varnished. We will consider any 28mm or 40mm  figures finished to this standard.

We generally do not buy any painted figures under 28mm scale and we do not buy any broken or damaged figures painted or unpainted

And finally.........please, please, please do not attempt to sell us any 'pirated' or forged castings. We are very adept at recognising such figures and we always contact the manufacturers concerned and supply them with details of the person involved.

So after reading all that bumph....if you've got figures you think the Colonel may be interested in please get in touch...